You Don't Know Beanz

Currently my flagship project.
This is a webseries pilot that I wrote, produced, directed, starred, and edited. I've only submitted it to one film festival so far, but it won two awards there, one for best webseries and one for best director.
Check out for more info.

Kick The Ladder

Kick The Ladder is a weekly filmmaking challenge to make a 60 second video incorporating two randomly chosen rules. I started getting heavily involved in February 2020. Right as I was getting into a groove with this community, a certain global pandemic stopped that groove. But! Kick The Ladder is back!! It looks like I'll continue making more of these soon, so stay tuned!
Click the image below to check 'em out (Coming soon):

MMTB Shorts

Movie Making Throughout the Bay is a filmmaking club of which I was a regular member for about 2 years.
For the first year, I only acted as a volunteer for the club and as a PA/boom op for other directors. I was very ready to direct my own shorts (I had been a videographer and president of a filmmaking club at my university), but I didn't have any equipment yet. Then I befriended a new member who had equipment, but not quite all the confidence yet. So together we made Writer's Block. Soon after, I got the equipment required by the club and I was finally flying solo as a writer/director/editor.
For the next year I participated as a director for 8 of MMTB's flagship event, The Director's Challenge, which works like this:
Club members sign up as either an actor, director, or crew member. We meet at a designated location somewhere around the SF bay area. Directors are assigned a random cast/crew, and everybody gets 6 hours to shoot something (usually I would tell everyone to leave me alone for the first hour so that I could write a proper script) and a month or two to edit it. Then there's a screening (in an actual movie theater, too!) and audiences vote for best short, which most of mine won!
I'm actually really proud of my shorts (except for two), but unfortunately they kinda require the context of the extreme circumstances in which they were made. Understandably, they don't quite compare in quality to a lot of other filmmakers' shorts.
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And here's my
for more of my production credits.